Out of all the photos you have lying around, there is that one single photograph which is your personal favourite....but, alas....even though it's your favourite expression, or you're in your favourite dress, the background clutter is too distracting, your fringe was blown by the wind and covers most of your face, your eyes show you were suffering from a major hangover...or maybe you wish your ex wasn't there in the picture with you.

...or maybe, you would like to be turned into a vampire!
All kind of post-process wizardry can be applied to a photo; it takes time and patience as the result does not have to show any sign of "fakeness" or any signs of the post processing itself.  Of course, the limit of what magic I can work with any particular photo lays with the photo itself, such as the quality, resolution and composition.
 Just email me and send me a low resolution version of the image intended for correction, as to assess what work needs to be done.
Prices vary according to amount of editing needed.