The photo above was shot in 1977 in our garden in London.  I am here seen holding the Kodak Instamatic that my older sister had given me.  I still have the actual photos that I shot using this camera on that day.

I started shooting professionally more than 30 years ago, and my first weddings were captured on film.  Based on the Mediterranean island of Malta, I do also accept international assignments within Europe as well as beyond. 

When shooting just for sake of photography, I tend not to stick to any one particular genre and my portfolio ranges from abstracts to landscapes, and from macro to astrophotography.

I am also very fond of the Arts in general - be it any visual or performing arts.

I played lead guitar in a metal band, I play the piano, I used to breakdance, and was also a Latin & Ballroom dancer in the past.

Apart from photography, I also love creating digital art and am an advanced creative illustrator and image editor.