A collection of photos shot during a three day trip to Rome, back in 2017. The photos were shot on an iPhone 7
Pantheon PresenceTermini Wall Detail: Monochrome AbstractSt. PetersPalazzo Apostolico: The Pope's Official Vatican ResidenceStanding GuardPapal Emblem: Vatican MuseumCeiling Art - Vatican MuseumSt Peter's Basilca Arched Ceiling ArtMarble Majesty: iPhone 6 CapturePope Clement XI TombDivine Symmetry: St. Peter's DomeDome of St. Peter's BasilicaVatican Artistry: iPhone 6 MonochromeVatican Corridor: Monochrome ArchwayDivine Illumination: St. Peter's DomeDivine Arches: St. Peter's MonochromeBlessed Sacrament Chapel DomeDivine Gaze: PietaAncient Guardians: Vatican WallsRome's Emblem: SPQR Below