How do I book your services?

You can send an enquiry through the Contact link on this website, alternatively you may use my social media links found on the site.

What does a booking involve?

We can either meet over a coffee and discuss your exact requirements.  I shall then proceed to tailor a package and forward you a detailed quote.

How do I secure a booking?

Once you have decided to go ahead with the booking, we shall meet again to sign the booking contract.  It is important to go through all clauses as these will explain certain conditions according to the type of event, booking, etc. Your booking is only secured once you have paid a deposit.  This is usually 25% of the quoted service price.  It can be paid by cash, Revolut or PayPal.

What do the quoted prices cover?

The price usually covers the actually photography service, culling of photos, editing and post-processing, media storage and back up for 5 years.  It does not include prints, albums, or any other kind of printed media.  

How do I get prints, albums, photobooks or any other media?

These can be ordered directly through this website through the personal gallery link I shall provide once all your photos have been edited.

Do I get soft copies of my photos?

Your photos can be downloaded through the same personal gallery link provided.

What can I do or not do with my photos?

Your downloaded photos can be used for personal use only; this includes sharing on social media (with credits to William A. McCarthy) and with friends.  They may not be cropped, edited or retouched in any way and cannot be printed at any other source other from this website.  In the case of Commercial bookings, this clause is subject to change and will be outlined in the booking contract.

What about Copyright, Licence Terms, etc?

Unless otherwise stated in the booking contract, full intellectual rights shall remain with the photographer, therefore any other use other than personal use is prohibited and should be expressly sought through the direct consent of the photographer.

Third Party Flash Camera/Mobile Phone Photography during events.

During events such as wedding masses and other indoor or outdoor gatherings, flash emanating for guests' mobile phones and cameras can have serious consequences and effects on the result of the photographer's own photos taken at the time.  This might include unsightly red lines and beams emitted by the guest's camera's focus-assist.  This is impossible to remove in post processing and will ruin the shot.  It is your responsibility to see that this is avoided at all costs, and ideally you should for example point this out to the Best Man or other responsible person taking care of the event.

Are there any other things that cannot be corrected in post processing?

Yes.  These include, but are not limited to: sunburnt skin, closed eyes and that funny face that kid decided to pull while shooting the picture.